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Magical Moment

Title: Magical Moment
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, SohRyu
Prompt: 099. Writer's Choice.
Word Count: 539.
Rating: G
Summary: Somebody's up in the middle of the night.
Author's Notes: I should have known I was going to make Kijin a father when I did the birth prompt. Never mind, though. We'll just continue a few weeks after the birth.

A sound from downstairs had woken him, Touda was sure, even though everything was silent now.

"Tenku?" he asked. "Are you awake?"

There was no answer from the palace which meant either that he was asleep or that his attention was focused elsewhere. Touda considered waking him, but decided against it. It was unlikely that an intruder would have gotten this far into the palace without raising an alarm and Tenku would be grumpy, if woken up for nothing.

Most likely it was servants at work or maybe a sleepless family member. If it was an intruder after all, though, Touda had his claws to defend himself until help arrived. Tenku would not miss it, if a fight broke out inside him.

He slipped out of bed and snuck into the corridor barefoot. No sound nor light and no unfamiliar smells in the air either.

Once he got downstairs, though, he did see light in the corridor that led to the kitchen. Was the cook up early to prepare something special for breakfast?

But the voice he heard once he reached the kitchen door wasn't the cook's.

"I know it isn't what you're used to, but it tastes fine, trust me. You'll love it and we don't have to wake Mummy."

Touda took one last curious step forward and immediately regretted it when SohRyu looked up from the baby in his arm and right at him.

"Touda? Did she wake you?" The dragon nodded towards his tiny granddaughter. "I'd hoped not to disturb anyone."

"Oh no," Touda lied quickly. "I was just thirsty." He helped himself to a glass of orange juice to prove his claim. "So why're you playing nurse?"

SohRyu had been extremely disappointed by the birth of his first grandchild. Not only had the little shiki been born a girl, but also a hare like her mother. There seemed to be little of her father in her at all.

"Just helping out," the dragon replied with a slight shrug. "Daiya won't trust the servants to handle her, but the poor girl is completely exhausted. She obviously needed her sleep, right Princess."

The baby happily sucked her bottle and didn't comment.

"Shouldn't Kijin be taking care of this?" Touda asked carefully slipping closer. He hadn't had the chance to really see the baby yet. Even now all that was visible among the cloth was a tiny face with twitching whiskers and much too big floppy ears.

SohRyu sighed. "I think he's disappointed. Probably expected to get a son first." He looked down at the little bundle with a proud smile. "A pity. She's such a charming child and they grow up so fast. He'll regret not having paid more attention to these early steps someday."

"She's so small," Touda said, still staring at the twitchy whiskers. "Are they all like this?"

SohRyu nodded. "But not for long. Do you want to hold her?"

Touda stared at the dragon. "Are you sure? I mean, she's so tiny and helpless."

"It's not difficult," SohRyu assured him. "You just have to remember to support her head. Like this, see."

He gently transferred the little bundle into Touda's arm. She yawned, snuggled in and fell asleep. Touda barely dared to breathe.

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