The My Name's Severus Universe

containing My Name's Severus, its German translation by AlterEgon, a link to the French translation byLeena Asakura and its sequel Double O Seve...rus

MNS was the first fic I ever posted ... and it's as awful as you'd expect.

Disclaimer 1: This is fanfic. That means I do not own any of it. I just borrow it to play with for a little while and let people see the pathetic results if they really want to.

Disclaimer 2: I'm not making any money from it. It's just for fun.

Disclaimer 3: What isn't borrowed is all made up. None of this is real or most likely at all realistic. Please don't trust any of the information in here. Most likely you know more about whatever I'm writing about than I do.

Disclaimer 4: Attitudes, views and opinions expressed by the characters or in the story are not necessarily those of the author. Even when writing Science Fiction or Fantasy I do not tend to attempt to create perfect/better worlds in which everybody gets a happy end ... or whatever is best for them. Please accept that some characters will have a bad ending or be unhappy.

Disclaimer 5: I intend no insult to anyone. If I offend anyone I'm very sorry. Please understand that it was an accident as I tend to be very clumsy in these things.

Disclaimer 6: If my characters' conversations seem odd or they appear to be talking past each other the latter might occasionally be intentional, but most likely it is an accident and I'm not aware that they are. It's just my bad communication skills.

My Name's Severus

Chapter 1: An accident in potions class has consequences
Chapter 2: Something Disappears
Chapter 3: Hedgehog troubles
Chapter 4: Dumbledore Teaches Potions
Chapter 5: Homework, Lizards and Mousetraps
Chapter 6: More trouble for Dumbledore
Chapter 7: A Busy Sunday
Chapter 8: Searching Trunks
Chapter 9: Severus Makes a Promise
Chapter 10: Bad News
Chapter 11: Searching for Severus
Chapter 12: A Success for Dumbledore
Chapter 13: Intruducing Mary Sue
Chapter 14: The Most Beautiful Girl I've Ever Met
Chapter 15: Albus goes skating
Chapter 16: Neville's First Prank
Chapter 17: A Big Decision
Chapter 18: A Decision Made

Double O Seve...rus

Chapter 1: The Traitor
Chapter 2: Back to School
Chapter 3: Class with Lucius
Chapter 4: Trevor, the Hero
Chapter 5: Investigations
Chapter 6: Dumbledore's Warning
Chapter 7: Headaches
Chapter 8: Severing Charms
Chapter 9: Black Ice
Chapter 10: Boom
Chapter 11: Conferences and Traps
Chapter 12: The Attack of the Armour
Chapter 13: Stuffed Toys and a Fireball
Chapter 14: Gummy Bears and Bad Smells
Chapter 15: Another Severing Charm
Chapter 16: Questions
Chapter 17: A Wizarding Vote
Chapter 18: Shortening the List
Chapter 19: The Weasley Guillotine
Chapter 20: Inside Gryffindor Tower
Chapter 21: The Traitor

My Name's Severus in French
translated by Leena Asakura

Double O Seve...rus in French
translated by Leena Asakura


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