Birthdayficlet for Crowley

Actually for Musegaarid who was Crowley's player. We all contributed a story or pcture back then. This was my tiny and rather uninspired offering.

So, I was going to write you a drabble. Of course we all know how well I drabble and I got sidetracked to Manchester Anyway, happy birthday Crowley!


Crowley returned to Lower Tadfield after another business trip to Manchester, tired but satisfied with his work. The public transport system had been held up for hours thanks to his well placed blackout and he'd even managed to erase most of the data in the city hall's computers while he was at it.

Not to mention the traffic jams that had resulted from all the traffic lights going out at the same time. Lots of anger and bad feelings created there. He'd miraculously prevented any deaths in the car crashes as a favour to Aziraphale that the angel might never find out about.

Said favour was the main reason for his exhaustion.

Right now all he wanted was go to bed and sleep the next few days away. He opened the door to his room and stepped into ... chaos.

There were splotches of paint everywhere. Wet paint as was revealed when Crowley's black sleeve brushed against the white splotch on the inside doorknob.

On the suddenly mostly grey table on top of a disorderly heap of used paint brushes sat a now completely black, except for the yellow tail tip, kitten, black-tongued and spitting.

Crowley could only pra... no, hope of course! ... only hope that the paint wasn't poisonous.

Loki, mostly decorated in white and yellow stripes and splotches on black background, was sitting on the once red bed a wide smile on his face.

"You and I didn't have the best start," he explained. "As you know there were a lot of misunderstandings and unfortunate coincidences and ... well, I decided I ought to make it up to you, give us a chance to start over on better feelings so to say." He shrugged. "Anyway I noticed the boring red wallpaper when I first came in here. So I decorated your walls with pictures of Chicago for you," he announced pointing at the odd black shapes with a little white and yellow dots for eyes on the wall. "Isn't it great?"

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