Poison Ivy

Anathema had mentioed a salve meant for poison ivy burns in a thread. I wondered why they'd have it in Lower Tadfield ...

"Crowley!" That was Aziraphale's smiting voice.

"Something wrong, angel?" There really shouldn't be. He'd been practising sloth all day.

"You wouldn't happen to know anything about that dreadful, itching rash on poor Pepper's arms?" Aziraphale looked sternly at the demon.

"Why would I?"

"She's been working in your favourite corner of the greenhouse all day."

"She probably got into the poison ivy, then. I warned her to stay away from it. It's not my fault, if they don't listen."

"And just how could that get into our garden, Crowley?"

"Well, I've been importing a few foreign plants for research ..."

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