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Starscream smiled as she walked down familiar streets towards the centre of Veradoon. She'd decided not to scare people by wearing her full battle armour and chosen a wide cloak to hide her missing breasts instead - not that that wouldn't make a lot of people nervous as well - but it made her feel naked and vulnerable. As she watched the local femmes go about their usual day to day business she knew that she could never live this kind of life. Nor could she imagine anything like this for Skywarp or Wildrider.

'I guess it's true,' she thought to herself happily. 'We warrior femmes really are a different breed. We were meant to be what we are.'


She turned to face the voice, laser gun ready under her cloak. Another advantage of her odd bit of clothing was that she could carry and draw weapons without anyone noticing.

A tall scientist stepped out of the shadow wearing a welcoming smile.

"Nightwing," Starscream greeted her, relaxing instantly. The civilian probably never noticed that she'd momentarily assumed a battle stance. "I see you have done well for yourself."

"Indeed, I have," Nightwing confirmed. "I never had your brains, but I still managed to get through the academy with good grades and landed a job in a big lab."

"That's good to hear. How's Shade?" Starscream asked suddenly remembering her other childhood friend.

"Oh, Shade's really made it. She's assistant headmistress at the girls' secondary school now," Nightwing told her with a fond smile. "We've been very worried about you, though. What have you been doing? Have you finally decided on a profession?"

"No," grinned Starscream. "In some way I never did. I've done a little of everything, you know, repairs to and development of machinery, some minor field repairs and even assisted with bigger surgeries when we were shorthanded, exploring planets and cultures, planning and fighting of battles. I've got a son and daughter. The only thing I never did was the one thing I've always dreamed of. I never did become leader of the Decepticons. If Megatron were a little less good looking, though ..."

Nightwing laughed. "Yes, that always was Shade's little dream as well. She even went out with the Emperor a few times. Always thought that if only she could have held his attention ... but they say that he's taken a permanent mate now and hasn't seen anyone else for more than a single night in a decade."

"Yes, indeed," Starscream said, wondering what Nightwing would make of her smile as she gave the metal band around her wrist a little shake. This secret, too, was well hidden by the cloak.

"But really Starscream, what is it you're doing now? There's got to be a word to describe whatever you're doing at the moment."

"Talking to an old friend?" Starscream suggested mock innocently.

Nightwing rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on!"

"Alright, right now I'm Air Commander and second in command and here on a rather important recruiting mission."

"Oh get real, Starscream!"

Calmly and making sure that nobody else would see, Starscream let the cloak slip off her right wing to reveal the proud warrior symbol underneath.

Nightwing stared.

"Recruiting mission?" she finally repeated dumbly.

"Yes, we require more female recruits now that they are no longer bound to a vow of chastity, so for the first time we are recruiting openly. I'm here to show this year's graduates just how far a femme can go in the army. Shade may have done well and gained an important position in this city, but not only have I left this city behind entirely, Nightwing, I've been someone on thousands of other worlds. As I already said, I've done it all. I've gone further than her wildest dreams!"

"Even the Megatron dream?" Nightwing asked with an odd inflection.

With a start Starcream realised that when she'd let the cloak slide off it had revealed the arm with the bracelet as well. Since it was too late to hide it again she lifted her hand to show it off proudly.

"If it'll help, you can tell her that no little dizzy-headed whore ever stood a chance to hold his attention. They are minor amusements to him, but can never truly satisfy him. To be the partner of a mech like him, you need to be as hard and strong as he is. Only a warrior femme ever stood a chance."

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